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Napa Valley is located approximately 53 mines north east of San Francisco California and is considered part of the San Francisco north bay area – Not far to travel and a great place to vacation no matter where you are coming from.

For the visitor, tourist and wine enthusiast it is an absolute joy to visit. This world famous wine valley not only has an bounty of grapes grown for Napa Valley wines but also has an abundance of wineries and vineyards where winery tours and wine tasting are commonplace. There are also many other activities, attractions, places of interest and historic landmarks throughout the cities of Napa, Yountville, St Helena, Rutherford, Calistoga, and location like Pope Valley, Lake Berryessa and others.

The Napa Valley enjoys a year round average temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Several micro-climates within the Napa Valley vary the temperature substantially from the early morning to the evening and create variances at the same time of day between the northern and southern locations. The winter “rainy season” is gentle and occurs between December and February. The dress is casual, and the “layered look” is both functional and advisable for day-to-evening activities.


On a clear morning one can take a hot air balloon ride and see the Napa Valley casually floating through the air. Then go dine at some of the finest restaurants in Napa Valley. Go shopping at gift shops, antiques dealers, art galleries, clothing stores. You can also golf at some wonderful private and public courses, bicycle ride thought out the wine country, go boating at Lake Berryessa, and of course visit a health spa.

lake berryessa

Napa has an abundance of accommodations and lodging for visitors ranging from beautiful bed and breakfasts inns, to resorts, health spa resorts, and naturally hotels, motels, and vacation rentals. Get your reservations early!

Transportation is easy to Napa Valley from most any airport including San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento. Bus service is available and From San Francisco one can take the Ferry to Vallejo and come up to the Valley even by bus. Limousine services are also available for tours to the local wineries and other Napa Valley hot spots.


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The best places to live in the Napa


The Napa valley is one of the biggest viticulture areas in the world, earning itself a place in the global map for many of its vintage products. However, this is not the only thing that exemplifies what the wine country is all about. There are amazing places to stay in this region, and they all come with incentives that make any would-be home owner want to jump on the train literally. These places have different charges and accommodate both homeowners as well as those who consider themselves journeymen and are simply looking for a good residential experience while passing through. Below is a look at some of the best.


Browns valley


Despite being modern, this is one of the areas in the Napa that have resisted change; even after a century of exposure to different cultures. The landscape here is one of the scenic best, with an environment conducive for families as well as individual citizens whose desire is to enjoy the freedom of youth. One of its standout features is the architectural designs, which have vintage designs. Support services are available to make it easy for the residents who live out here. Resources include schools, churches and technological hubs. In this valley, houses will cost you $200,000 for the modest places, while a high-rise place will need $3 million.


Alta heights


The environment here is fitting for a young family looking for a place in which to raise kids. The houses are cottage style, with a stream of variations that suit the aesthetic needs of the buyer. While some homes are modestly sized, others are quite spacious, with the normal size range being 10,000 to 20,000 square feet. The one standout feature about this place is that it is barely a 15-minute walking distance from downtown Napa, so you can actually walk the distance when you feel the need to. In addition to this, there are mountain trails along which you can take your family and pets.


Linda vista


In this region, most of the houses date back to the 60’s and the 70’s are to a certain extent. As a landmark of Napa, this area is among the very few remaining neighborhoods near the only existing exit of the Napa highway. This feature makes access very easy from different parts of the state either during the day or at night. If you have pets, you can take them on walks at the Alston, a huge dog park with one of the best scenes in the region.


Central Napa


This place has emerged as the heartbeat of the Napa region, where all the good real estate deals seem to go. Houses in this region are classy and elegant, but also pricey. The steep price tags are however justified by the quality of life the residents experience day in day out, all through the year. The New technical School of Central Napa is a testament to the incredible amount of resources available to the children of homeowners in the region. The homes have a mixed taste, some coming with simple backyards and others coming with docks as well as boats.




This is one of the hairier regions of Napa, and its most standout features are the sprawling ranches fit for those who love the country life. Generally, the place is okay, with educational as well as entertainment resources sprawled allover. If you are looking for a vibrant nightlife, you will get the rowdy kind of clubs where residents unwind after a hard week of ranching .The homes do not go for beyond $500,000.



At Westwood, the population is about 7,000 and contains a fine distribution of whites and Hispanics. Located at the heart of the wine county, this neighborhood has a middle class appeal suitable for the single, those with established families and the elderly. The outdoor life at Westwood is very exciting, with long stretches of wooded areas donning the landscape. These places are ideal for camping, picnics, walks as well as sporting activities. The prices in this region are very attractive for the modest would-be homeowner, with the going rates being between 100 and 150,000 dollars. There are numerous choices for shoppers as the outlets on the strip provide a variety of products at competitive rates.


San Francisco North Bay real estate plans are attractive, experimental and come by the truckload, providing you a chance to live in the leafier places of the Napa.


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